Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fright Nights

We've enjoyed several fun evenings this fall at Frightmares.  The kids loved trick-or-treating and walking through the little corn maze.
 We made the mistake of taking our whole family into one of the scary haunted houses.  Hopefully, our children won't be scarred for life.
 Leia the butterfly, Peter the bee, and Talmage the spider.
Ammon was really excited to ride the zebra, and it shows!
While we're at Lagoon, we always have to get in a few stomach-turning rides.
We love it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Day

We had a wonderful day last week celebrating my youngest brother's wedding.  Steve and Alysha are so cute and happy together.
All of the Collier kids are now married.  "We're so old", Steve would say.
 Some things never change.  Aren't Spencer and Anthony so hot!?
 Steve and Alysha's wedding really brought back memories for us.  They had their reception in the same place we did, and they were married two days before our twelfth anniversary.
 We enjoyed remembering the good-old-days as we sang together at the reception.  I can't believe we've already been married twelve years! 
I sure love my Spency-Baby!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Terrible or Terrific Twos?

We had an exciting day yesterday!  Our darling two-year-old seemed to get into everything!

While I was working on some primary stuff, Peter dumped a whole container of Quik pink milk powder all over the kitchen floor.  A little water got into it and the entire floor was sticky, with little footprints tracked all over.

After scrubbing the floor and bathing the boy, I wiped up the bathroom floor that he had splashed water all over during his bath.

We needed to make cupcakes yesterday, so I thought Peter could help put the cupcake wrappers in the pan.  When I turned around, the whole stack of wrappers was completely smashed and had to be thrown away.

While I was trying to get everyone else ready and dressed for the day, Peter decided he wanted to eat another cupcake.  He climbed on the counter and dropped the messy cupcake onto the recently scrubbed kitchen floor.  He then climbed down and ate the cupcake while smearing it all over his third outfit of the day.

I took him upstairs to wash in my bathroom sink.  While I was getting some more clean clothes for him, he somehow flooded my vanity, including the drawers and cupboard, with water.

When we were all finally dressed and ready to leave, Peter walked up to me and Talmge completely naked except for his sandals.  Talmage gasped in shock.  Peter proudly stated, "I naked."

I dressed the boy for the fourth or fifth time that day, and we finally made it out of the house late in the afternoon.  Then I looked in the backseat to find this perfect angel sitting behind me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Leia's Baptism

We are so proud of our beautiful princess for becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She has been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Leia was blessed to have her Dad baptize and confirm her.  After her confirmation, she sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus."  Her angelic voice was perfect as she shared her testimony in song.

We enjoyed feeling the love and support of our wonderful family and friends in celebrating this special occasion.

Holding Hands

I recently overheard this conversation between Leia and her cousin Luke. 
"Luke, lets hold hands while we're swinging." 
Luke replies, "what, you want to date me or something?" 
Leia says, "no, it's just fun holding hands."
Funny, silly kids!