Friday, September 23, 2011

Leia's & Ammon's Birthdays!

We celebrated Leia's 9th and Ammon's 6th birthdays this week!
 Leia invited several friends, and Ammon invited his favorite friend to a party at Grandma Collier's house.  The weather was just warm enough for the kids to enjoy playing on the slip-n-slide.
 After they were done sliding, they all piled into the hot tub.  When they were dry, we went inside to eat pizza and cupcakes, play games and open presents.  We all had a wonderful time!

Grandma Rollins arranged a fun night away for our family in Midway for Ammon's and Leia's birthdays.  She even made them both their very own cakes.  We stayed the night in the condo, then spent the next day playing together.
 We went to Trafalga and enjoyed the fun rides and games.  We all got soaked on the bumper, spray boats.
 We raced around the slick-track.  Spencer was, once again, the blocker.
 Cute Leia and her cheezy mommy!
 We like riding their ancient carousel.
 All of our kids enjoyed climbing the rock wall.  Talmage and Spencer raced to the top of the wall...I think the race ended in a tie.
The kids rode this ride over and over.  I got a little nauseous just watching them go up and down forever. 
We loved celebrating Ammon's and Leia's birthdays, and we're so grateful we have these two amazing kids in our family.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Labor Day Camping

 My Dad reserved the Valley View stake camp for the family over Labor Day weekend.  We hiked through the beautiful campground with my parents.  We ended up having a wonderful trip with the Colliers and the Rollins.
 Our kids loved exploring through nature, finding all sorts of weapons and treasures.
 Peter and the other kids worked hard collecting rocks and firewood.

 Our kids loved sleeping in a tent on the hard ground.
 We enjoyed time together and kept warm by the huge fire.
 Clint is spinning Talmage in the tube.  We all took turns rolling in the tube to see if we would get hurt...pretty smart.
We enjoyed tubing down the chilly Ogden River.  We loved getting away from busy life for a few days!