Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Collier Clan Reunion

 We had such a fun time at the Collier Family camp out this year!  My Dad reserved his stake Valley View camp with the lodge and grounds.  My Mom and Matt made a bow with arrows for all of the kids.  They loved shooting the sponge-tipped arrows everywhere.
 Hadley and Leia loved shooting the arrows at targets Grandma put up around the lodge.
 We had several fun games of ultimate frizbee.  We had to throw the frizbee to someone in a pool before we could score a goal (or touchdown or whatever).
 Both kids and adults joined in on these fun games.  Watch out Porter!
 We had a little rain on our camp out.  Ammon and several other kids decided to run out in the rainstorm.
 We had a family dance one night.  It was so much fun!  This photo shows the kids dancing to YMCA.
 Happy, cheezy Leia and Peter!
 Our kids had so much fun playing with their cousins!
 Natalie taught us all an embarrassing song she learned at girls camp.  I think it's called "A Toota Tat".
 We all enjoyed contorting our bodies in strange ways.  I later used Natalie's song to embarrass our Bishop at my girls camp the next week.
 Each family performed a silly skit one night.  Our family sang a song and acted out things each member of our family likes to do.  Peter chose playing video games.
 Leia chose swimming.  We all had a great time!
 Gabe, Ammon and Peter performed a sword fight for the audience.
I'm pretty sure Gabe was not injured, it was just part of the performance. 
We played several games and relaxed together.  We played a game we call "Pirate Dice".  The last two people standing were Leia and Matt.  Matt barely ended up winning, but we were all proud of Leia's skill at playing the game.
We absolutely loved this fun trip with the Collier family!

Rollins' Bear Lake Tradition

 We love making our annual trip to Bear Lake each summer.  Leia, Caleb, Ammon, Spencer and Luke worked hard to make a nice sandcastle village.
 We always make the hike up Bloomington canyon to play on the rope swing and look at the beautiful glacier pools.  Dan's leg got caught in the rope while swinging this year...he was lucky not to have fallen head-first into the rocks below.  We're glad he survived with just a scraped and bruised leg.
 The water is soooo cold in Bloomington Lake, but we all got in just to show how tough we were.  We missed watching Talmage on the rope swing this year.  He was at Camp Loll with the scouts while we were at Bear Lake.
 We took everyone to the Paris Canyon ice caves this year.  Leia liked hiking with uncle Clint.
 Spencer and some of the big boys explored deeper into the cave.
We all enjoyed playing together and were exhausted at the end of each fun day.