Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reid Ranch

 We enjoyed going to Reid Ranch for our biennial Pearson Family Reunion!
 Peter, Ammon and Leia enjoyed exploring the outdoors, while Talmage's favorite activity was playing Risk and Mafia with all of his fun cousins.
 Leia and Jayne rode the ponies every day of the trip.  Their favorite pony was named Lady.
 Ammon enjoyed the pony ride also.  We thought it was a little odd that they were required to wear helmets and life jackets while riding the ponies, but we obeyed the rules anyway.
 Peter had a huge grin on his face the whole time he rode on his pony.
 Talmage was happy that he was able to take a longer horse ride with the adults.  He enjoyed riding on Blackie.
 Our family, and especially Spencer, loved competing in various sporting and gaming activities on this trip.  We played horseshoes, soccer, board games...
 Shuffleboard, clay pigeon shooting, card games...
 Foosball, volleyball, random family games, swimming in the pool...
 Talmage and Shaylee enjoyed archery.  Eric, Spencer and Ben found out that Rob Anderson is the best archer in the family.
 At the request of his Mom, Spencer wrote a short script of funny memories Joyce has of her parents.  All of the Rollins family participated in performing the cute, funny skits.  We enjoyed being silly, while becoming more familiar with our sweet Grandparents who have passed on.
 We had fun on paddle boats and canoes, and even fished a little.
 We were busy having so much fun, that Peter fell asleep at the dinner table more than once...not very comfortable sleeping arrangements, but he was clearly exhausted.
We loved partying with this crazy Rollins Family!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Play Day

Talmage and Leia participated in a Drama Camp this summer.  They performed in the play, "The Little Mermaid and the adventures of the Pirates of the Caribbean."  Leia was thrilled to be a mermaid, one of Ariel's sisters.
 Talmage was cast as Prince Eric, so he had a lot of lines to memorize.  But he also got to play a pirate at the very beginning of the show.
 Here Prince Eric is locked in jail by the wicked pirates.  When the pirates leave, Talmage says, "Here, doggy, doggy" while trying to get the dog to bring him the keys to the jail cell.
 Prince Eric and Princess Ariel.
 Captain Jack Sparrow threatening the handsome Prince Eric.
 Several beautiful mermaids, Leia on the right.
 Almost the entire cast of the show.  Leia is far to the right, while Talmage is closer to the left.
I was so proud of Talmage and Leia while watching their show.  They both did a great job memorizing their lines, songs, and actions.  They were stars!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 4th!

 Spencer is the party planner at our house, and this year he planned the funnest Fourth of July weekend ever!  We played endless hours of volleyball with our awesome family and friends.
 We enjoyed a huge BBQ at the Rollins' home and then cooled off on the Ultimate Slip-n-Slide.  The children played on the slide for a little while, then the rowdy big kids took over.
 We all had a great time, and nobody got hurt very bad.
We enjoyed a traditional night of doing our own firworks at the park, where the big boys ended up throwing flaming flowers at each other.  The rest of us tried to keep a distance from the dangerous boys, but we had to be ready to jump up and run in case a fireball came flying toward us.

We concluded our celebrations by watching the Clearfield City fireworks.
The next day Ammon asked, "Mom, when can we do all that fun stuff again?"