Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have it and we don't like it!

The flu has struck the Rollins household. First, Leia came home from school not feeling well on Friday. By Saturday night, she was coughing so hard she was throwing up and could barely breathe. She's had a fever off and on for the last five days. Then Tuesday, Peter started with a fever and the ugly chest bark. Sure enough, Ammon and I ended up sick on Wednesday. We won't be celebrating the usual Halloween festivities this year: Leia was devastated last night when she had to miss the Ward Fall Carnival, today I will be missing Talmage's class party that I was in charge of planning, most of us will miss the Rollins family party tomorrow night, and we're not sure if there will be any trick-or-treating for us this year. Hopefully, Talmage and Spencer can stay healthy and not endure this yucky sickness.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Fun Fall Hike

Look at those tough hikers and one very nice behind!
We enjoyed a beautiful hike through the fall leaves in Adam's canyon, even though it ended up taking a little longer than we expected.
My Dad told us he completed this hike with three kids in a couple hours, but we're quite certain they didn't make it all the way to the falls--right Dad!? We finished the hike in about three and a half hours. About an hour into the hike, I was singing the Pioneer Children walking song to keep the kids going. This is the point where we think my Dad's hike ended. Talmage, Leia and Ammon were still happy even though they all ended up with wet feet from slipping on rocks in the river.

Spencer's strength was quite impressive as he carried this 27 pound chub-a-lub all the way to the falls and back.

Talmage was a great helper and he carried the water for all of us throughout the whole hike.

The waterfall was very beautiful and worth the long hike to me, but I'm not sure if my kids would say the same. I think we'll wait a couple years before we try that hike again. But I'm very proud that we made it with four little ones, and that we were still smiling when we got back to the van.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frightening Frightmares

We enjoyed a fun evening at Lagoon, even though we didn't make it to most of the scary stuff. The spook alleys and terror rides were a little too scary for us this year. But we loved the trick-or-treating and the kids even liked the singing chainsaw zombies. I liked reminding the kids that their Dad used to sing and dance in the fun Lagoon shows.

Peter the Astronaut

Leia the Butterfly, Talmage the Bumblebee and Ammon the Spider

Talmage just Hangin' around :)

Talmage and Leia as Aladdin and Jasmine-- Aladdin seems quite happy about all this :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Poor Fourth Child

I guess by the time the fourth child comes around, Mom is so busy that he gets a little neglected. When Peter got tired today, the poor baby had to resort to taking a nap in the dirty-clothes basket. He's such a cute, funny boy!