Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bear Lake #2

We were lucky to make another fun trip to Bear Lake this week.  We went with Spencer's family this time.  We enjoyed boating, water-skiing and riding on the "big banana" (the nicest name anyone could come up with).
Spencer, John and the kids enjoyed making sand castles, villages and pyramids.
Dan took us to a shooting range and taught us all how to safely use firearms. 
Even Talmage was able to learn how to shoot our 22.
This was my first time ever shooting a real gun.  The shotgun was heavier than I expected, and I almost fell backward from the recoil of my first shot.  Cole and Tammy were much better than I was at hitting the clay pigeons.
Spencer was very proud of his clay pigeon throwing abilities.  We all had a great time learning how to shoot safely!
Talmage is very good at climbing rock walls, he easily climbed to the top of this wall and pushed the button at the top that sounds off a siren to notify everyone that the climber has reached the top.
After watching Talmage, Peter decided he wanted to climb the wall also.  We got him all strapped in, and he climbed up about two steps and then got scared and got down.  We encouraged him to try again, but he refused.  When we finally got him unstrapped and started to walk away, he decided he wanted to try again.  We spent the next half hour listening to Peter scream, "I push the button!!"
While staying at Ideal Beach, we played a few competitive games of mini golf.  I think Spencer, Clint and Ben ended up winning the different golf games.
We hadn't been to Minnetonka for a few years, so we went through the cave with the Achters and Clint.  We were pretty chilly even with our jackets, but all of the kids were tough and made it all the way through the cave.  After our spelunking, we headed to Bloomington Canyon to hike up to the lake where the brave boys swung on the rope into the lake.
We loved laughing at the funny show at the Pickleville Playhouse.  The kids especially enjoyed the silly bunny!
We enjoyed a nice afternoon riding surreys with the whole family.  Spencer initiated a few wild races during the ride, but we all escaped the adventure unharmed.  We loved spending time with our family up at Bear Lake this summer and hope to be able to do it all over again next year.