Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer slips by

 At our house, everyone is dreading going back to school next week.  We LOVE our summers!  We have enjoyed many fun days at the park playing volleyball while the kids played in the truck-pool or "trool" as Spencer calls it.  This photo shows the trool being emptied onto Isaac, Peter, Leia, and Jayne.  Talmage, Ammon and Jeffrey sat in the pool and tried not to be washed away.
 We have enjoyed several fun days boating at Pineview.
 Talmage and Spencer had fun splashing each other on the knee-boards.
 Spencer tried to get Leia to go with him outside of the wake.  Leia was a little concerned about that idea.
 Both Ammon and Peter were brave enough to knee-board this summer.
Peter is such a daring little boy.  When he was about to knee-board, we told him to hold on really tight to the rope.  But when the board slipped away from him, he continued holding onto the rope while submarining through the water.  We were concerned when we heard Spencer scream, "Let GO!"  Eventually, the rope slipped out of Peter's hands...and he was ready to try again.
 Ammon and Leia enjoyed a nice, calm ride with Grandma Collier.
 Then they endured a wild ride with crazy Grandpa.
 Leia and Ammon relaxing after their hard work out on the water.
 Our kids enjoyed a fun day at the County Fair.  Peter loved feeding all of the animals.
 Leia and Kat liked watching the baby goat stand on the larger one.
 Talmage admired the horns on this huge animal.
 Leia and Laura liked brushing this enormous cow.
Ammon didn't like feeding the animals because he didn't want to get their spit on his hands (just like his mom), but he enjoyed watching the tiny pigs.

We are sad to have our summer end, but we're already excited for Spencer's fun plans for Labor Day vacation.