Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haaaalloween...Haaaalloween...Lots of fun with Halloween!

We love the beautiful fall leaves up at Fernwood near Spencer's parents' home.  
 We enjoyed a nice nature walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
 Such cute and fun kids, and what a handsome Daddy!
 Grandma Collier took everyone on a fun hayride at Day Farms.
 We enjoyed the fun ride, then we all got to choose a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.  My kids all wanted the largest pumpkins, so I got a bit of a workout carrying several huge pumpkins to the trailor.
Our kids enjoyed carving their own pumpkins this year (with just a little help from mom and dad).  Leia and Peter both ended up getting cut a little, but they recovered once they had bandaids on their hands.  Leia and Ammon wanted their jack-o-lanterns to look happy.  Talmage and Peter wanted their pumpkins to be scary/happy.  They all did a great job!
 This year, I was Little Bo Peep and Spencer reluctantly agreed to be my sheep.  He was so cute and a really good sport.  He wore his sheep costume to the ward carnival and to our family party.
 Ammon and his cousin, Caleb, both ended up being ninjas for Halloween.
Peter is our Little Stinker!
 We enjoyed a fun Halloween Carnival with our ward this year. 
Ammon and Leia had a tough time eating the doughnuts on a string.
 Peter got to eat a doughnut on a string at the Halloween party at Grandma Rollins' house.
 Spencer and Ben conducted several fun games at the Rollins Halloween party. 
The kids loved wrapping each other up like mummys.
 Talmage and Ammon wrapped up their cousins Caleb and Shaylee.
 Leia and Leah loved playing together the whole night.
Our kids enjoyed going to Spencer's office on Halloween to show off their costumes and sing a few spooky songs.  They loved singing "Mean old witch with a hat" and "Lots of fun with Halloween" to the office staff.  Then we went to the Collier's Trunk-or-treat and saw several friends we know in their ward.  Afterward, we rushed home so our kids could trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood.  Sheep, Bo Peep, Darth Vader, Ninja, Witch, and Skunk all enjoyed a wonderful Halloween season!