Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amusing Ammon

We all adore our outrageous 5-year-old Ammon.

A few days ago Leia, Ammon and Peter were eating Spaghetti O's.  I noticed Leia had dripped some on her pants and told her to wash it off.  Then I saw that Peter had spilled tomato sauce all over his shirt.  Ammon looked down at his clothes and said, "Look Mom, I'm clean as a whistle!"  I'm not sure where he heard that phrase, but he was definitely clean.

With our active children, we have frequent spills at our house.  I find myself expressing gratitude when the spill is "just water."  I guess Ammon had been listening to me, because the first thing he said after he dropped a jar of pickles all over the kitchen floor was, "At least it's just pickle juice."

Ammon LOVES going to preschool!  Everyday when I drop him off at school, he makes the "I love you" sign with his hand and holds it up toward me as he runs to his school with his little backpack swinging behind him.  I love dropping him off at school!

Sometimes I am frustrated having to tell my kids to do things over and over.  Last week I had repeatedly told Ammon to do something, and in frustration I exclaimed, "I've told you that a million times!"  Ammon calmly looked at me and said, "no, only like a hundred times."  I guess he was probably right.