Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

 We love Christmas!
 We enjoyed a fun, chilly night at the Ogden city lights with the Collier Grandparents.
 The kids struck poses like the ice-skating light figures.
 Our kids decided to line up like railroad cars for this photo.
We loved looking at the cute houses and lights with Grandma and Grandpa Collier.
For one FHE during December, we held our annual Christmas pageant.  Leia is always of the perks of being the only girl.  This year Peter was Joseph, Ammon represented the shepherds, and Talmage held the treasure for the wise men.
 We had a fun ward party where all the kids got to visit with Santa.  I was a little sad that, for the first time, Talmage decided he was too old to sit on Santa's lap...but he helped all our other kids wait in line, and he did wave "hi" to Santa.
 We celebrated the holidays with cousins and family at Grandma Rollins' home.  Even though someone always ends up getting hurt, the kids love sliding down the stairs together.
 The kids patiently listened to a Christmas message while waiting to open presents.
 We also enjoyed wandering through the Layton City lights with Jake & Quin and Steve & Alysha.
Such a fun time of year!  Merry Christmas!
 In January, we finally got enough snow to build a snowman.
Leia decided to name the snowman Uno because he's holding up one finger.  Our kids loved having Daddy help them build a huge snowman.