Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon!!

I went with some friends to the midnight showing of "New Moon" last night. Stephanie and I made "Team Edward" shirts to wear on the big night (my shirt says I love sparkly vampires). There were about 20 ladies there from our ward at our Syracuse theater. It was so funny to see all the crazy silliness with people fighting over seats, women screaming for Edward or Jacob throughout the movie, and fans willing to humiliate themselves to win Twilight memorabilia. The movie was sooo good and we had such a fun girly night!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oompa Loompa!

Peter insisted on smearing his spaghetti all over his face, by the end of the meal he looked just like an oompa loompa to me.

Not the usual Halloween

We were lucky that my Mom planned a Halloween party in the middle of October, so we were still able to have some Halloween fun even though we were sick at the end of the month. My kids and Adam's kids are here having fun together: Ammon, Laura, Rachel, Katherine, Leia, Tommy, Talmage, and Peter. They were able to go trick-or-treating to the many rooms in my parent's house, where us adults were waiting to hand out treats from Grandma. The kids loved it!
Peter and Rachel are very cute together, even though Tigger kept trying to tackle Tinker Bell.
Spencer took Leia, Talmage and Peter trunk-or-treating for about 20 minutes Halloween night. Ammon and I were still resting from H1N1. The next morning Ammon was rushed to the hospital with serious breathing problems. He spent three days at Primary Children's trying to get his oxygen levels back to normal. He is happy to be home now and feeling much better.