Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, what do you do in the Summertime?

 These are our three amazing Lymans:  Lyman Rollins, Lyman Val Rollins and Spencer Lyman Rollins.  We love visiting with Great-Grandpa Rollins, he is so sweet and funny.
 Leia did an excellent job performing in her first piano recital.
 Ammon loved preschool this year.  He's really going to miss his friend Isaac and his sweet teacher.
 We enjoyed a fun trip to the Dinosaur Park with the Collier Grandparents and lots of fun cousins.  Aaahh!
Grandpa thought he could go down the slide, just like the rest of the kids.  He got stuck and had to shimmy down to get out of the tunnel.
 We all had a fun time looking at the dinosaurs, and we didn't even lose any of the kids.
 We made a fun trip to Park City for Memorial Day. 
Talmage and Leia enjoyed riding on the zip line at the Olympic Park.
 We all had an exciting ride down the new Quicksilver Alpine Slide.  It was especially scary when snow started falling on the slide, and our brakes stopped working.
Spencer, my Dad and I were crazy enough to try bobsledding!
 Before the ride, my dad was trying to make me nervous by saying that we would be going 70 miles an hour.  I didn't think it would be too bad since I drive that fast all the time on the freeway.  My opinion quickly changed as I was flying through the air, bracing myself and trying not to black out.  I think my dad had the hardest time though, as he walked bowlegged away from the sled.
Our kids are enjoying swimming lessons this week.  Peter especially loves wearing his new Spiderman swimsuit, and we enjoy hearing him sing about the superhero.
We are planning on spending a lot of time at Cherry Hill this summer with our season passes.  We've already been twice and plan on soaking in more fun in the sun.  Yeah, for summertime!