Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

 The Rollins family, after collecting tons of eggs at Grandma Collier's eggstravaganza!
The younger kids always get a head start on their egg hunt, but all of the grandchildren ended up with a full bucket of eggs filled with candy and coins.
Our cute Collier bunnies!
 We enjoyed our other traditional egg hunt with the Pearson family. 
All of these cousins had a great time scrambling for eggs.
Grandma Rollins couldn't resist getting Easter dresses for these beautiful girls:  Shaylee, Miriam and Leia.
Leia wore this dress to church today when she sang "I know that my Redeemer Lives" with me in sacrament meeting.  We enjoyed singing about the Savior on this special Easter Sunday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peter's Parties

 Peter turned three this week!  We first considered going to Cherry Hill to celebrate, but then we were surprised with a snowstorm on his birthday.
The kids enjoyed building snowmen on this chilly April birthday. Talmage made hot chocolate for everyone after they finished playing in the snow.

  We had a fun party with Peter's grandparents at our house where we played several of Peter's favorite games:  Hullabaloo, Twister, balloon toss, puzzles, Go Fish, etc.
We also had a fun party with the Rollins family. 
No, Peter's head isn't quite in the cake.
Peter enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" to himself and blowing out candles.  The cake used to say Peter's name, until he sneakily got his fingers in the frosting.
Our Peter is a tough little guy and is ready to wrestle anyone at anytime. 
He definitely keeps us on our toes!
 We absolutely adore our sweet Peter! 
He often gives us big hugs and says, "I love you more."
We are so blessed to have this fun-loving, darling boy in our family!