Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Family Photos

 Spencer needed a new family picture to put in his office at work, so we decided we should suffer through taking some family photos.  Ben and Niki were so nice and shared their photography skills.
 Talmage is getting so big and handsome.
 Leia is such a beauty!
 Of all of our kids, Ammon dislikes taking photos the most.  But he sure looks cute when we can get him to smile at the camera.
 Peter loves the camera.  He could pose all day long.
 My four sweet babies.
 They are darling!
 I love my strong man!
 It was a tough battle to get everyone to smile while being squashed together this close.
 Spencer's parents have a beautiful yard.  We're thankful they let us take the pictures there.
 We were all about to fall over in this photo, but we were having a lot of fun!
 When all of the other kids were sick of having their picture taken, Peter stayed and showed Ben what he could do.
 This photo totally shows his personality...cute, fun, and mischievous!
 So Surprised...
 Very Grumpy...
Perfect Angel!

Fall Fun

 We decided to run the Ogden river, near Causey Reservoir, again this Labor Day.  We had a brave group of family and friends join us in the chilly water.
 Our first run down the river, Peter and I floated ahead of the rest of our group.  I held onto his tube so we would stay together.  While Peter and I were floating alone, he said, "Mom, this is so romantic."  He's my sweety!
 We're waiting for more of our tubers to arrive.
Good times!
We're STUCK! 
 We have four soccer players this year!  Crazy!  
Most Saturdays are spent cheering and then scrambling to the next game.
 Talmage and Leia gave a fun "Newsies" performance with their Choral Collection group.
 We had a fun Rollins reunion in Wyoming this year.  Peter and Ammon enjoyed the playground.
What beautiful witches!  A fun girls' night out!

Bowling Birthday

 Leia and Ammon are good sports about celebrating their birthdays together.  This year, they both brought one friend bowling with them.
 Leia and Kambri are such cute friends.  This was Kambri's first time bowling.
 Ammon and Zach had a great time together.  Look, they both just got strikes!
Grandma Rollins made a cute cake for Ammon and Leia.  
They are getting so old!  Leia is 10 and Ammon is 7!

Talmage & Leia

 In August, Talmage and Leia had the opportunity to perform in the Syracuse City play, "Before, Ever After."  They auditioned for the play, and Leia was cast as Little Red and Talmage was Jack (like Jack and the bean stalk).
 Talmage and Leia both sang solos, memorized lines, and performed in fun dancing numbers.
 They made new friends and had a great time!  We are so proud!
 Also in August, Talmage and Leia were able to go to Yellowstone with their Grandma Rollins.
 They had a fun time with their cousins, Shaylee and Miriam.
 They explored the hot pots and watched Old Faithful.
 They had a wonderful trip!  Thanks Grandma!
Miriam, Grandma Rollins, Leia, and Talmage also enjoyed a fun evening at the Utah County Fair.