Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Fun

 We decided to run the Ogden river, near Causey Reservoir, again this Labor Day.  We had a brave group of family and friends join us in the chilly water.
 Our first run down the river, Peter and I floated ahead of the rest of our group.  I held onto his tube so we would stay together.  While Peter and I were floating alone, he said, "Mom, this is so romantic."  He's my sweety!
 We're waiting for more of our tubers to arrive.
Good times!
We're STUCK! 
 We have four soccer players this year!  Crazy!  
Most Saturdays are spent cheering and then scrambling to the next game.
 Talmage and Leia gave a fun "Newsies" performance with their Choral Collection group.
 We had a fun Rollins reunion in Wyoming this year.  Peter and Ammon enjoyed the playground.
What beautiful witches!  A fun girls' night out!

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