Thursday, October 18, 2012

Talmage & Leia

 In August, Talmage and Leia had the opportunity to perform in the Syracuse City play, "Before, Ever After."  They auditioned for the play, and Leia was cast as Little Red and Talmage was Jack (like Jack and the bean stalk).
 Talmage and Leia both sang solos, memorized lines, and performed in fun dancing numbers.
 They made new friends and had a great time!  We are so proud!
 Also in August, Talmage and Leia were able to go to Yellowstone with their Grandma Rollins.
 They had a fun time with their cousins, Shaylee and Miriam.
 They explored the hot pots and watched Old Faithful.
 They had a wonderful trip!  Thanks Grandma!
Miriam, Grandma Rollins, Leia, and Talmage also enjoyed a fun evening at the Utah County Fair.

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