Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Older

"When I look at your cheeks, it looks like you're one hundred.  When I look at my cheeks, it looks like I'm ten."  It's always "flattering" to hear things like that from my four-year-old.  Although, I guess he more than doubled his own age also.
Then last night Spencer commented on how we both look older in our new family photos.  Oh well, I guess you can't always look like you're 21 years old.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grocery Check-out Line

Checking out at the grocery store is always somewhat stressful for me.  I frequently use price-matching and coupons at Walmart, so the cashiers are usually not very excited to help me in the first place. Then, I always have Ammon and Peter as my helpers.
 It's good that Peter is buckled into the cart so he can't go anywhere, but I have had to run from the check-out stand several times to search for my blond child who has run away.  Luckily, I usually find him looking at the cartoon pictures on the redbox machine.
Ammon likes to help move the groceries in and out of the cart.  Occasionally that is helpful, but usually I'm too worried about the eggs or bread being smashed. 
This week at the grocery store, Peter found something in my purse that kept him quite entertained during the check-out process.  I looked over at him and saw a bright light flashing around him.  He had a nice time snapping photos of himself while quietly waiting for Mommy to pay for the food.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blue Blood

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a fun Saturday activity down at the BYU campus.  The kids (and Spencer) were able to get autographs and play catch with several of the football players. 

Then we watched the team practice in preparation for the exciting games coming in the fall.
Peter is already a True Blue Cougar fan, like his Dad!
We had a fun time at the Edwards Stadium with Niki and her kids and Spencer's Mom.  Go BYU!!