Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't pass on pass of all passes

 Last fall we bought POAPs for our family.  We have totally taken advantage of those passes.  We have enjoyed so many activities that we probably would not have tried otherwise.
 We've made many fun trips to Trafalga (the one in Lehi is newer).
We've enjoyed the Seven Peaks water parks (the one in Provo is much nicer).
 We took our family skiing and ice skating for the first time.  At the ice rink, Ammon and Peter liked holding on to cones while skating so they wouldn't fall so easily.
Next time we go ice skating, we need to remember to put tall socks on our kids.  They all went home with blisters just above their ankles.
We talked my parents and Spencer's family into getting the passes also.  So we enjoy playing with our families for most of our activities.
We've enjoyed attending many new sporting events:  Utah Grizzlies hockey, Utah Blaze indoor football, etc. We're planning to go to a Bees baseball game and a Real soccer game too.
So, if you're considering buying passes, you should.  Then you can come play with us too!

The Big Twelve

 I can't believe it, but I now have a 12-year-old son!  
The weekend before Talmage's birthday, we took four of his friends to an indoor football Utah Blaze game.
 Talmage had a great time cheering and eating with his friends.
 The weekend after Talmage's birthday, was the Father & Sons campout for our ward.  Spencer and the boys enjoyed a fun night at our stake campground.  
(Leia and I enjoyed our night together by going to a Snow White movie.) 
That next Sunday, Spencer was able to ordain Talmage with the priesthood.  Both sets of grandparents came to support Talmage in this important step of his life.  We are so proud of Talmage for the wonderful example he is to us and for the good choices he is making in his life.

"It's my Easter Birthday"

 Peter's 4th birthday was on Easter this year.  He loudly informed everyone that it was his Easter Birthday.
 We enjoyed a fun game of bowling with just our family.
 Then we headed down to Trafalga to celebrate with the Rollins grandparents and cousins.  Peter loves going up and down on this frog ride...especially while riding with cute Leia and Shaylee.
 Peter, Grandpa and Caleb battling bugs and wild animals.
 Greta, Leia and Talmage flying together.
 We're all excitedly awaiting our turn to play laser tag.
We adore our sweet, darling Peter!

Ski Day

 We enjoyed a fun ski trip to Wolf Mountain this spring.  We were feeling adventurous and took all of our kids for their first time.
 We stayed at the Wolf Creek condos the night before skiing with Ben and Niki's family.
 I was amazed at how well Peter did.  I guess it helps that he is fearless.
My Dad came skiing with us also.  Unfortunately, he hurt his leg early in the day.
 Talmage and Leia picked up on skiing really quickly and were soon ready for the bigger hills.  Talmage even tried a few jumps.
 We had lots of fun with Ben and Niki's family.  Joyce and Anna were so nice to bring us lunch up on the mountain.  Dan and Shaylee came skiing that day too, but we couldn't really keep up with them.
What a fun family adventure!